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Good comment, PipTigger.

Perl Monks is a community, with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Though it is easy to forget how little we each knew when we were just starting to program (and/or starting CGI/internet programming), no one has the right to be abusive or even just brusque -- no matter how obvious one may think the answer is.

In merlyn's defense, I think he was simply trying to be certain he made the point, and was not trying to be rude. Less rhetoric and force next time, Randal. Please. If you tire of having "to repeat this stuff Yet Another Time," let those of us with a little compassion handle it <nobr>so you don't have to... ;-)</nobr>

Apterigo just created the Perl Monks user account a few weeks ago. Let's not run off new users as punishment for trying to contribute to our community.