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First of all, thanks for this. I've been using your script for a while, because I find this way much easier than the H2XS way. I just discovered that a new feature has been added to ExtUtils::ModuleMaker that I thought I'd share with the rest of you.

If you add

compact => 1,
to the arguments to Generate_Module_Files it produces the directory "Foo-Bar" instead of "Foo/Bar", which apparently is what you want to make it easier to make for instance a CPAN distribution (see link below).

It still doesn't add the version number, as recommended in the excellent How to make a CPAN Module Distribution, but now it is much easier to do that too. The following lines, added to your script (together with the "compact" argument) takes care of this:

my $dir_name = $module_name; $dir_name =~ s/::/-/g; print STDERR "renaming '$dir_name' to '$dir_name-$version'\n"; rename $dir_name, "$dir_name-$version" or warn "Could not rename '$dir_name' to '$dir_name-$version': $!" +;
Just so we all can be even more lazy... :)

Note that you must upgrade ExtUtils::ModuleMaker to a newer version for this to work, I am using version 0.204, while whatever the last one I had was, did not have the compact parameter.

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