Primarilly in an effort to reduce the recurrent moaning and gnashing, the ability to approve or front-page your own nodes has been taken away (from everyone at level 6 and above -- others never had that power in the first place).

If you feel the need to approve or front-page one of your own nodes, then you will have to be content with asking a friend to do it for you. (:

If you feel the need to complain about this change, then please do so in person, preferably not to me, as otherwise it would defeat the primary purpose of this change. :)

But seriously, for a while now I've felt this was an unnecessary temptation. I'd like to give a big "thank you" for a few monks for repeatedly succumbing to this temptation and to many, many more monks for talking about these "lapses". Without your tireless work, I don't think there would have been the consensus of "Just do it already, Tye" that I enjoyed today. (Hmm, I guess that didn't stay very serious for very long, did it?)

Note that this is not meant to criticise the judgement of level 6 and higher monks. I consider it an acknowledgement that anyone can develop a blind spot when it comes to their own writing. (And that some monks expressed that sometimes self-approval is an okay thing when done by a respected monk but that such monks should have no problem finding someone else to do their dirty work them a favor.)

        - tye (but my friends aren't level 6 yet)