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apparel design entries

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Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3
Entry #4
Entry #5
Entry #6
Entry #7
Entry #8
Entry #9
Entry #10Front:


Although I grabbed the names from the "Saints" list, I would re-generate it with the names of the first 45 or so people who were committed to buying one.


Entry #11
Entry #12
Entry #13
(An entry for the back of a shirt)
Entry #14 yatd front back
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RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    What about just a simple dark blue T with

    Just Another Perl Shirt

    on the front?

      Just a guess here mind you, but could it be because you didn't mention PerlMonks at all in your suggestion. Of course if you had mentioned PerlMonks then it wouldn't be Just Another Perl Shirt either...

      (or is it the unfortunate acronym that results?)

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    #5 all the way baby! I Love it!
    Maybe put a one liner JAPH on the back of the shirt

    Your Humble Servant,
RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    My favorites (in order) are:
    - Front of 5, back of 10 {with me on it too please =)}
    - 14
    - 9
    - 2
    - 4
    - 8
    I really like the blue in 14 but thinq deep maroon should certainly be the first option. Hooded sweatshirts (XXX?L) would be ... ominous =). I'd buy a few. TTFN.


    p.s. Initiate Nail Removal Immediately!
RE: Apparel design entries
by on

    I like #10 is GREAT, #8 is also good and #7 has also it's charms!

    I want #10, I want my name on it :-)

    My opinions may have changed,
    but not the fact that I am right

      Jinkies! I just noticed that my name is worked into #10! Damn, I feel famous!

      The Autonomic Pilot; it's FunkyTown, babe.

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    • #1: I like the content the best, but I don't like the parchment look.
    • #2: (bored reaction)
    • #3: Made me laugh, but would be less likely to wear it than others.
    • #4: Perl Jewelry: ??? Jewelry? Is that a perl/pearl joke? What does that have to do with PerlMonks?
    • #5: Appropriately Obscure. Gets a solid vote from me.
    • #6: I like the black shirt, but the logo has the same problems as #7 below:
    • #7: Cute, but mixing a URL and a shell command path just doesn't work in my mind.
    • #8: Not bad, but it would better if it were code rather than random(?) binary.
    Given this line up, I like #5, or #1 if we can drop the parchment and go to normal, legible text.
RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    #5 is nasty. I like it.
RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    The top 3 for me:
    • 1st: #10
    • 2nd: #14
    • 3rd: #9

    Although all designs are great I had to bring it down to 3.

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    In terms of producing costs, I would say #5 is definitely going to be the cheapest. In terms of design, I really like it, but it should really have something on the back. It definetly has my vote.

RE: Apparel design entries
by on

    #14 rocks!!! I'd buy a stack of them!!! ( #10 is cool too, I'd buy one :)

    -- I'm a solipsist, and so is everyone else. (think about it)

(jcwren) RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    I too like #5. Perhaps something like "the Light, the Truth, the Way. Perl." for the back.

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    #10 and/or #14. If there's a vote.
RE: Apparel design entries
by on

    #5 is the way to go (if there aren't any other entries still to come). I'd like maybe something even more obscure, but #5 combines simplicity and obscurity - a feature of Perl :).

      A humble novice writes... Could one of the enlightened masters here please explain the pun in #5 ? I've never even had course to use $^ before. Is it a heresy that I had to look it up in the Gecko book, not having either Camel or Llama to hand ? -- or is that just on Slashdot ?

        A look into perlvar tells me that $^X is the name of the binary that the script was started from. Run this code to see it :

        perl -e 'print $^X'

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    I'd like to see a combination of #5 and #9. On the front, I like the idea of the monk pic. On the back, I like just the JAPH quote.
    Also, I'd prefer a black shirt -- but that's just me.
RE: Apparel design entries
by on

    Some good stuff here. I really like #9 if we can have it in a hooded sweatshirt that'd be great. Second choice would be #5, I also prefer black

    Updated: Since there have been more additions. I thought I'd update this. I like 10 & 13. I'd like to see the logo for 13 with the front of 10 below it and then the bask of the shirt as per the back of entry 10. (in hooded black sweatshirt please).


RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    #8 is the best, I'm sure someone could whip up a script to convert something like into binary so it isn't seemingly random. Lolindrath, Lord of Decay
RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    I'm really going to have to say I like #10, but it would be better if the imprint on the back was $^X, or something else more exotic than just 'Perl'.

    I think we really need to vote on this.

    -Jules Kongslie

      Agreed. 10 is my choice, but the lettering or the message on the back needs just a little work. (the black hooded sweat is also a very good idea!)
RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    I prefer #7, or maybee #9, or #10. Just my thoughts :)
RE: Apparel design entries
by on

    #6 or #7 seem to be the best.

    • #1, Cool, but too busy.
    • #2, Neat, but would require too much to get the graphics right on a t-shirt.
    • #3, Cute, and funny.
    • #4, No big pic, can't tell.
    • #5, Definite possiblity.
    • #6 and #7, about the same and both look neat.
    • #8 I like it, but I would like it better if the small text were in perl code.
    J. J. Horner
    Linux, Perl, Apache, Stronghold, Unix
RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    I like #10, I'll get it if it has my name on it :-)

    I also like vroom's "front of #5, back of #10" idea. And although I know red is the Perlmonks color, I think I like black better for the t-shirt.

    #14 looks interesting, but it's too small to see.


      There are front and back links for closeups of the graphics for #14 next to it if that helps.

      vroom | Tim Vroom |
Re: Apparel design entries
by on
    5 is cool. 14 is hard to see - it's too small - but that one's a maybe.
Re: Apparel design entries
by on
    Chalk another one up for #10. I think it'd be nifty to show folks the shirt and say, "There's me!"

    Of course, the "#5 front/#10 back" idea is a good one, too.

    Me spell chucker work grate. Need grandma chicken.

(zdog) RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    Here are my favorites:

    #6 - I like the simplicity. I think it would be a good logo for the front of the shirt, but smaller than shown in the picture.
    #10 - Very nicely done and would be a good choice to put on the back since it demonstrates both perl and what the Perl Monks are about.
    #11 - Stresses the URL nicely and those that can read Perl, or even those who can't, can get a kick out of it.

    Well that's what I think of it, so far at least.

    -- zdog (Zenon Zabinski)
       Go Bells!! ''

      #9! It got to me #9
      like #7 too. :)


      Can we see this as a poll perhaps?

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    i also feel that #5 is THE ONE. something on the back could be nice, but i don't think it's necessary.

    Update: now that i've seen #10, i'd like to see the Obfuscated Perl from the back of #10 with the $^X motif from the front of #5.

RE: Apparel design entries
by on
    I really like number 5 and 9. I would like nine better if it was working PERL code. Number 5 would also be even better if the back contained "There can be only one" or "Suessified Perl"


    Update: I really like #10 now that one is very cool.
RE: Apparel design entries
by on

    /brother t0mas
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