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Yeah, since the sidebar can handle any content Mozilla can, you could also style it any way you like; the same goes for the CB and the CB XML ticker, for that matter

OK, keep an eye on this space or Cool Uses For Perl. Ima gunna write a little web client that fetches the newest nodes ticker and the CB ticker, inserts a nice l'il xml-stylesheet PI, and voy-la. The URL for the sidebar thing will then be a local file.

Durn, doing my own dirty work. What is this world coming to ? =)

UPDATE I have something ready to go that looks sort of OK in the sidebar (the size restrictions are quite limiting!), but I'm having trouble with getting Mozilla to transform the newest node ticker's XML into XHTML; one can, of course, use some other tool (such as xsltproc from the libxml project, or -- what amounts to the same thing with a Perl inteface XML::LibXSLT, or Xalan, or MXSML (with IE 5+) ) to do the transformation, but that shoots the portability of the scheme to heck. Soon to be posting my current working draft to Craft.

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