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I found the program very interesting, it is also compact (~100 lines or so) 
So I thought I'll give it a try. I went and installed all the required modules
using CPAN interactive. (that saved me a lot of time and effort, whew.., so many 
dependencies or perhaps I never came across to use many of them) 

I ran the program and got an error, may be it's something I didn't set it right.
But couldn't seem to figure out.

here is the error:
500 Cann't connect to localhost:file::80 (Bad hostname 'localhost:file:')

I spotted one line in the code, may be it has something to do with the error I got.
If not, let me know, what could possibly cause the error. Thanks!

in sub talktoamor

my $rpc = Frontier::Client->new(url=> "http://localhost:$port/amor" )

p.s. I also tried s/localhost/ ,but it gave same 500 error