in reply to XPAddiction -- a new XP whoring tool

I found the program very interesting, it is also compact (~100 lines or so) 
So I thought I'll give it a try. I went and installed all the required modules
using CPAN interactive. (that saved me a lot of time and effort, whew.., so many 
dependencies or perhaps I never came across to use many of them) 

I ran the program and got an error, may be it's something I didn't set it right.
But couldn't seem to figure out.

here is the error:
500 Cann't connect to localhost:file::80 (Bad hostname 'localhost:file:')

I spotted one line in the code, may be it has something to do with the error I got.
If not, let me know, what could possibly cause the error. Thanks!

in sub talktoamor

my $rpc = Frontier::Client->new(url=> "http://localhost:$port/amor" )

p.s. I also tried s/localhost/ ,but it gave same 500 error

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Re: Re: XPAddiction -- a new XP whoring tool
by amphiplex (Monk) on Jul 07, 2002 at 10:12 UTC
    I got the same error.
    After starting the amor and kxmlrpcd, however, it worked :)

    From the POD:
    In order for this script to do its' thing, the kxmlrpcd and amor programs from KDE must be running. In amor's options, "Allow application tips" must be selected.

    ---- kurt
      I have both kxmlrpcd and amor running, and the option
      "Allow application tips" is set. But still getting,
      500 Cann't connect to localhost:file::80 (Bad hostname 'localhost:file:')
      :( Anything else? 
      I have KDE 2.1.2 on RH 7.1
Re: Re: XPAddiction -- a new XP whoring tool
by jaldhar (Vicar) on Jul 08, 2002 at 00:20 UTC

    kxmlrpcd should be running. If not it won't work. You can only connect to localhost because you want to use the kxmlrpcd on your machine. If was running the service, specifiying it in the URL would make output show up there. But it isn't so that won't work at all.

    The problem is for some reason you can't make connections to kxmlrpcd. Could your firewall or iptables filtering etc. be blocking connections maybe? Try telneting directly to the port specified in $port on localhost. If you get "connection refused" and you are sure the server is up, I'm willing to bet that's the problem.


      Jaldhar, I totally like the creativity of the program and definitely easy to re +ad code :). Although, I haven't successfully made it to work yet. Just how much I want to see how it works and I know I am close to it! I ran the program in perl debugging mode, skip most part to the the su +b talktoamor. Along the way, I see it generates XML code with the message Hooray! .. + and it passed the line my $rpc = Frontier::Client->new(url=>"http://localhost:$port/amor") #With the debugging mode I see #url=>'http://localhost:file:///local_acct/.kxmlrpcd-socket-jm524W/amo +r' <b>$port</b> contains ':file:///....jm524W' <-- this is not my passwo +rd ;) There is no port number in it!

      Anyway, at this point, I am pretty certain that one of the module I in +stalled might be crapped out (I suspect the libwww) Thanks! I think I learn in the process, will let you know how it turn +out. -perlkid

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