I'll be giving a talk on source filters at YAPC::Eu 2.00.2 and I'm looking for people that (ab)use/write source filters. I have the latest draft (This is what it's aboot) online of the text I'll use and was wondering what you all think of it. If it sucks, tell me WHY it sucks, if it's missing something tell me WHAT it's missing. It's ofcourse obvious that I can't discuss every source filter out there but I tried to discuss at least a few famous ones. Comments are welcome in this thread and optionally thru email (altho I'll be in Greece for 2 weeks). My e-mail address is in the header of the PDF. I still need to create the slides for it so watch out for baby pictures and other stuff Dominus discussed in his talk on presenting on conferences :)

PS: I just realized the header has an incorrect date set but last changes were made today.

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