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Re: Re: Re: Inter-Process Communication

by perigeeV (Hermit)
on Jul 21, 2002 at 04:27 UTC ( #183771=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Inter-Process Communication
in thread Inter-Process Communication

OK, some other ideas:

Set up some shared memory. Most of the CPAN stuff is SYSV based, but perhaps use Cache::Cache.

Or perhaps have your Win32 app write the data to a normal file, and then send a signal to the perl process. Put a signal handler in the script so that it knows when it is time to read the file.

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Inter-Process Communication
by Nitrox (Chaplain) on Jul 21, 2002 at 06:18 UTC
    Thanks for the tip perigeeV I think I found my solution, albeit not as elegant as I had hoped.

    I couldn't use the shared memory function because IPC::ShareLite won't compile on Win32 and is required. But Cache::Cache will still compile with it.

    So my solution is to use Cache::FileCache. I've include two quick proof of concept scripts to demonstrate:

    First run the 'writer':

    # Program 1 use Cache::FileCache; my $cache = new Cache::FileCache({ 'namespace' => 'SharedCache', 'defa +ult_expires_in' => 600 } ); my $passed_data = "This is a passed string"; $cache->set( "Data", $passed_data, "10 minutes" );
    Then run the 'reader':
    #Program 2 use Cache::FileCache; my $cache = new Cache::FileCache( { 'namespace' => 'SharedCache', 'def +ault_expires_in' => 600 } ); my $passed_data = $cache->get("Data"); print "$passed_data\n";
    Looks like a winner, and only after about 18hrs of banging my head against the pile of soda cans on my desk!


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