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I'm a member of Stuttgart.PM


elcome to my cosy little personal place on PerlMonks! I use this page mostly to collect interesting links for myself. I don't really mention much personal info here -- the most personal post probably is the one mentioning my faith. If you want to know more about me, you could take a look at My userimage was drawn and is copyrighted by Ina Becker † 26.02.2003.

Nodes I've written on topics that interest me

UIs and application development: Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32.

erl6: (A6) Perl 6, a general-purpose language?, (Perl6) Groking Continuations, Re: Perl 6 is too complex.

nicode: Re: High bit character encoding in HTML.

eaching: Re: Learning Perl as a First (programming) language, Learning regexes

Some gems of wisdom

seful Perl syntax I wasn't aware of: Re: Select data between a START and END pattern (The .. and ... operators).


ite beautification: Perl-blue theme.