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(AOL bot) Confuse the heck out of everyone you know!

by newrisedesigns (Curate)
on Aug 09, 2002 at 05:07 UTC ( [id://188826] : CUFP . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Here, for your personal amusement, an AOL/AIM robot that uses the Chatbot::Eliza module to respond to incoming IMs. Watch as many AOL members believe that this little bit of Perl is a real person talking back to them.

Disclaimer: This code works, but it needs some tinkering to customize it to your liking. I suggest downloading a (or generating your own) list of known AOL users that love to warn robots. I plan on continuing to update this program (it's a small side project), because it could always use more features.

If you like it and you wouldn't mind sending me a /msg, please feel free to do so.

I hope you enjoy, because who doesn't like picking on AOL members? ;)

#!/usr/bin/perl # John Reiser, # Feel free to modify the code as you feel the need to do so. # Parts of this code were taken from a template found on the Web. That + template was # open-source, and so is this program. So there. ## Next versions will have more features, and hopefully will run under + use strict; # Change the following variables, $screenname and $password, to reflec +t # the screenname and password you want to use for your bot. $screenname = "chatterbot"; $password = "password"; use Chatbot::Eliza; $chatterbot = new Chatbot::Eliza { name => "John", debug => 1, prompts_on => 1, memory_on => 0, myrand => sub { my $N = defined $_[0] ? $_[0] : 1; rand($N); }, }; use NET::AIM; $aim = new Net::AIM; $aim->debug(1); $aim->newconn( Screenname => $screenname, Password => $password ) or die "Can't connect to AIM server.\n"; %morons = { }; use vars qw( $bot_version @stuff @ro @recent %bad ); $bot_version = "1.3.1"; my $conn = $aim->getconn(); $conn->set_handler('config', \&on_config); $conn->set_handler('im_in', \&on_im); $conn->set_handler('error', \&on_error); $conn->set_handler('eviled', \&on_evil); $aim->start; sub on_evil { # This is the warning sub, whenever your bot is warned this sub will b +e run. # I suggest to put code in here that warns/blocks the warner. my ($self, $evt, $from, $to) = @_; my ($level, $culprit) = @{$evt->args}; $culprit = 'An anonymous user' if ($culprit =~ /^\s*$/); open LOG, ">>aimlog.html"; print LOG "<p> $culprit slapped us! Our evil level is now $level -- + chatter\n"; close LOG; $culprit =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/; $culprit =~ s/\s//g; if($culprit =~ /ananonymoususer/i){ $culprit = pop(@recent); $self->evil($culprit, 'anon'); } else{ $self->evil($culprit); $self->evil($culprit); } autoblock($self, $culprit); } sub on_config { my ($self, $event) = @_; #This sets the bots profile. my $myinfo = q[ This is the bot's profile. ]; $aim->set_info($myinfo); # $aim->set_away('<font face="Verdana" size="1">i am a robot! =-O</f +ont>'); } sub on_error { # This sub is run whenever an error occurs. # No need to put things here until your final stages of your bot. } sub on_im { # This sub is run whenever the bot is IMed. # This is the main sub, which contains ths random number code. ## ## $victim = incoming user; $reply = user's message; $msg = bot's mess +age ## my $reply; my ($self, $event) = @_; my ($victim, $friend, $msg) = @{$event->args()}; $victim = $event->from; $victim = lc($victim); $victim =~ s/\s//g; $msg =~ s/<(.|\n)+?>//ig; my $fh; my $dt = get_datetime(0); ### check the blocklist... don't want people warning your bot. if(autowarn($self, $victim) eq '1'){ ### Admin. Put screenname-restricted commands in this If block. if($victim eq 'myotherscreenname'){ if($msg =~ /shutdown bot/i){ $self->send_im($victim, "Shutting Down!"); die("Shutting Down!"); } if($msg =~ /^warn (\w*)/i){ cmd_warn($self, $victim, $1); } if($msg =~ /^msg (\w*) (.*)/i){ cmd_msg($self, $victim, $1, $2); sleep(5); } } if(autowarn($self, $IM_user) != 0){ sleep(2); open $fh, ">>chatterbotlog.html"; print $fh "<div>$dt $victim: $msg</div>\n"; $reply = $chatterbot->transform($msg); print $fh "<div>$dt robot: $reply</div>\n"; $reply = '<FONT COLOR="#800000" FACE="Verdana" SIZE=2>' . $reply . + '</FONT>'; sleep(rand(10)); $self->send_im($victim, $reply); close $fh; } } } sub autowarn{ my $aim = shift; my $loser = shift; my $fh; open($fh, "blocklist"); my @losers = <$fh>; close($fh); if(grep(/$loser/i, @losers)){ $aim->evil($loser); return "0"; } else{ return "1"; } } sub autoblock{ my $aim = shift; my $loser = shift; my $fh; open($fh, "blocklist"); my @idiots = <$fh>; close($fh); chomp(@idiots); @idiots = sort grep($loser ne $_, @idiots); push (@idiots, $loser); open($fh, ">blocklist"); flock($fh,2); print $fh "$_\n" foreach(@idiots); close($fh); } sub initialIMcheck{ my $self = shift; my $victim = shift; my $welcome = shift; my $IM_check = grep(/$victim/i, @recent); if ($IM_check == 0){ push(@recent, $victim); if($welcome != 0){ $self->send_im($victim, "Hello. Thanks for talking to me. I'm a ro +bot created by John Reiser, I'm currently at vers +ion $bot_version."); sleep(4); $self->send_im($victim, "I suggest visiting the <a href=\"http://w$victim\">website</a> or typing <b>help</b> + for more options. Thanks!"); sleep(3); } } } sub cmd_msg{ my $self = shift; my $victim = shift; my $IM_user = shift; my $IM_msg = shift; $IM_user =~ /(\w{16})/; $IM_user = $1; $IM_msg =~ /([\w\s\!\,\.\?\'\\\/]*)/; $IM_msg = $1; sleep(5); if(autowarn($aim, $IM_user) == 0){ $self->send_im($victim, "Sorry, you can't send to $IM_user. $IM_us +er was a bad little child and needed a spanking."); } else{ $self->send_im($victim, "Sending IM to $IM_user"); $self->send_im($IM_user, $IM_msg); } } sub cmd_warn{ my $self = shift; my $victim = shift; my $IM_user = shift; $IM_user =~ s/(\w{16})/$1/; $self->evil($IM_user); sleep(2); $self->send_im($victim, "i warned $IM_user"); } sub get_datetime { ## blakem, my $offset = shift || 0; my $ts = time + $offset*60*60*24; my ($min,$hr,$day,$month,$year) = (localtime($ts))[1,2,3,4,5]; sprintf ("%02s-%02s-%04s, %02s:%02s",$month+1,$day,$year+1900,$hr,$m +in); }

If you liked this, there's more fun stuff on my website (link below).

John J Reiser

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Re: (AOL bot) Confuse the heck out of everyone you know!
by katykat (Beadle) on Aug 13, 2002 at 12:55 UTC
    Hey Newrisedesigns,

    I'm liking the bot I have. I just have to figure out how to advertise the sucker so more people IM it. Know of any sites with a list that I can add my bot to?

      The best way to advertise on the aim network is to know a lot of people and put up an away message with a link to your website. Be sure the convince them early enough that this thing is cool. What's your bot, anyway? ps. the best time to spread such time wasters around aim is during exam time at the colleges, so I would suggest waiting till December.
        I've found and registered my bot there but haven't received approval for it yet. I'm not into the whole mass messaging thing, not that you were suggesting it, but still, it ain't my style. For now I have a link up in my profile and away messages that will open up an IM box to the bot itself when clicked. Its just up to the user the hit "send". I figure I made it easy enough.

        I don't want the thing to get too huge, especially with all the warning fanatics out there. Just want to get some funny reactions. The screen name I use for the bot is "STFUasshat". Lovely eh? ;)

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Destroy All Aimbots! (godzilla reference, not literally)
by charnos (Friar) on Oct 09, 2002 at 20:37 UTC

    I took a look through your code and I liked what I saw, however I'm more concerned with bringing up a point...
    After looking at the ActiveBuddy patent article here, I'd taken my own bot that I had been running for over a year offline. Any thoughts on this matter? I'd rather not wind up with a cease and desist order, but I (and many others) have had a lot of fun with the bot. Has the writ since changed, or is ActiveBuddy still looking to consume all of the Aim bot market?