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As it stands now, typically this sort of question goes into the Meditations's category. Now granted, the meditations are "supposed" to be about Perl itself, yet discussions such as (OT) Professional Employees: who owns your thoughts? or (OT) UCITA a Done Deal? Maybe Not. end up here, typically flagged as off-topic. I'm not sure I dislike this.

If we were to create a new section, call it "Workplace" or something, I worry it would become a grab bag for anything that might occur in one's professional experience, except for those things expressly forbidden or perhaps just ignored according to some unspoken agreement among monks. Either way, if we create a new category, we have to create new norms to govern it as well.

The reason why I don't mind this sort of thing going into Meditations is because it automatically applies certain constraints upon the content. That is to say, it means that the post, though off-topic, is at least about a workplace issue that somehow relates to Perl or to the realities of the Perl world (e.g., the Open Source community). I think I'd prefer to expand the description of Meditations to allow this sort of thing, rather than create a whole new discussion type.

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