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Re: Re: Professional Monks

by Jacqui (Novice)
on Aug 20, 2002 at 10:03 UTC ( #191424=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Professional Monks
in thread Professional Monks

I think it would be very appropriate to have a section where we can teach each other the art of the professional Perl programmer in order to prepare each other for traveling through the dangerous countryside of the sofware industry while spreading the Word and works of Perl.

Our wonderfull, irritating, flexible language is almost always associated with (CGI) script kiddies, JAPH's and is generally seen as a simple and childish langage used for simple and childish tasks. Note that simple in business speak means low or zero value.

PM is a community and as such is probably the best place to discuss issues of the image or (professionalism) of perl. Between the clueless wannabee "scrip kiddies" and "techno fetishistic" perl gods we have mere mortals who use perl as part of business critical systems quietly and sucessfully.

These people are the ones that make perl a commercially acceptable tool. Take Timbos DBI for instance it was created because it was needed for commercial projects where performance and reliability are business critical.

Timbo is a lot more than just Mr DBI. he started TPC because it was good for perl and made perl a more commercially viable tool. I doubt anyone has ever actually made a living from doing TPC support. Most of the folks I met during my stint were doing it in free time or because thier employer allocated time to it.

A professional (not geek or script kiddie) image is (IMHO) critical to perl and I am afraid that until professionalism is strongly asociated with perl it will always be the last resort.

A professional section discussing issues relating to the use of perl in a professional environ would be a godsend to changing the perception of perl.

Even more important would be a more professional image coming from those who represent perl. However I doubt that would ever happen.

I know this is going to irritate the hell out of a number of perl folks but it is my personal opinion that quite often the perl community is its own worst enemy.

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