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It almost sounds as if enough interest might exist in this for a whole new site to be founded, a non-denominational coding professionals community, if you will.

Editors of said site (which I'll refer to here as "Professional Coders" because I make up boring names for things at the drop of a hat) would attempt to prevent said flame wars of language purists and zealots. It could be built on the Everything engine as well, and focus primarily on workplace issues for coders. There'd be no reason code could not show up, in some sort of "Code Review Only" area. Copious links to toolsets/tutorials/etc. for various languages would enhance anybody's useability for any language.

The problems with this idea being (in order of importance) that I cannot (due to (inexperience|lack of time)) start it, that nobody else would do so at this point in time, and that it might not be a good idea anyway.

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