This code is for anyone who stays in their room all day, and never goes outside. If you are completely oblivious, this script will serve you well because you will never again wonder if you have been in an earthquake or not. Basically, it is incredibly simple and useless (please don't hurt me, I'm new), but it serves a useless purpose...which is a Good Thing sometimes. It uses the "quake" account at at some USGS site that , when fingered, returns all of the recent earthquakes in the world. It takes as an argument, either the magnitude or the location of said earthquakes. Thank you Uncle Sam!
#!/usr/bin/perl -w if ($ARGV[0]) { $arg = $ARGV[0]; $arg =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/; $result = `finger quake\ | grep "$arg"`; print $result if $result ne undef; } else { $result = `finger quake\ | tail -27`; print $result if $result ne undef; }