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Re: Do my homework for me!

by gnu@perl (Pilgrim)
on Aug 30, 2002 at 13:54 UTC ( #194107=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Do my homework for me!

I do agree that answers should not be given flat out. But please do not disregard these people. We were all once one of them. Personally, I am quite thankfull that I have never been given flat out answers here. I hold dear the "Aha!" moments.

In my last place of employment, where I first started using perl we had a few people with quite a bit of perl experiance and I would, from time to time, ask for their help with work I was doing. I would either get "Here's how you do it" followed by complete code or an attitude of "Why are you bothering me with something so simple". I just hope that people here avoid both of those types of response.

When I first started coming here I would ask questions and sometime get answeres like "See Module::Doc". Quite honestly, I always try the doc first and this response offered no help. Refering to documentation is important, but as we are all aware, some of the documentation is quite confusing to a beginner (IPC::open3 for example).

In my experiance, receiving complete solutions early in my programming career actually confused me. I needed to understand they how and why, both of which are left out when code is given for one to just cut & paste.

In summary, I agree with the attitude that we should not just hand out answers, but please have patience with those who seek our help. Try to guide them in the right direction without scaring them off. Also, try to truly offer your help when you can instead of shoo'ing them off to some link they probably won't understand.

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