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I was at the talks (both Damians 'Life the Universe and Everything' and the Perl6 talk) and as a Perl 'user' as opposed to anything else I was extremely happy to find that not only could I understand the talk (it was extremely well pitched) it has certainly removed any fears I had about Perl6

I don't have the wherewithal to understand everything Larry says in the Apocalypses - Damians talk (a marathon 3 hours) brought home just how much SENSE Perl6 makes!

Anyone using Perl either loves <or I presume hates ;)> its quirks, but there are some issues that really needed addressing - from simple things like sigil useage to the, lets face it, unwieldy regex syntax.

I have been more concerned about the regex re-write than anything else, because thats WHY I USE PERL! So they're not really regex anymore but 'rules' and one thing thats vastly improved is whitespace handling. They're simply much more powerful now.

I am a perl novice, but my appetite has been wetted for Perl6 - I really cannot wait, so much so that I spent the day after the talks reading up on Parrot.

The quote for me that summed it up was Damian saying "You trusted Larry with Perl5 and it all worked out, now trust him with Perl6".

Perl has the *best* developer community of any language, and Perl6 will have its nay-sayers, but for an average user I can see how Perl6 is going to make my life a whole lot easier and THATS THE POINT!

If you've never heard Damian speak, and he's near you - go see him. He's endlessly entertaining, extremely insightful and a wonderful ambassador for Perl.

Yeah I know I am starting to sound evangelical, but I loved what I saw. The people moaning about the changes in Perl seem to be the ones who really just don't want to take a step forward. Humanity never got anywhere by sitting around doing nothing...

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