In my quest recently to find a way of encrypting and decrypting a string in perl. I came accross this GEM of a web site Infrequently Asked Questions About Perl

I was searching for "perl string decrypt" and came across this page that has this

How do I decrypt a string that I encrypted with crypt()?

I thought I had struck gold. This is exactly what I had been looking for, for hours.

I looked at the code in his solution and thought ... jeesh I am going to need to concentrate on this.!..
This is what it looked like.

sub decrypt { my $c = shift; my @c = (0) x 8; for (;;) { my $i = 0; my $s = join '', map chr, @c; return $s if crypt($s, $c) eq $c; $c[$i]=0, $i++ while $c[$i] == 255; return undef if $i > 7; $c[$i]++; } }

A Warning even followed.

Warning: Exporting this function outside the USA may be illegal under the provisions of ITAR.

I loaded the code into my editor and as I was about to start I noticed the question below the one I was interested in,

How do I get my perl program to run faster?

use more 'cpu'; use less 'time'; use more 'speed';

No!!! It can't be... I have never seen those used before...

It was only then that I started to read the page from the begining...

My best is...

How do I get tomorrow's date?

Use this function:
sub tomorrow_date { sleep 86_400; return localtime(); }

There must be tons more of this stuff out there, as soon as I get a gap I am going to search for it.
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