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I've never had a problem with the semicolon, but leaving it out seems to make no difference.

Yes, I do get an error with what you suggested. Here's what I tried:

$value = "foo"; # test value $dbh->do("insert into foo(id, test) values (6,?)",undef,$value);
It also gives a pg_atoi error for dbh->errstr:
ERROR: pg_atoi: error in "foo": can't parse "foo"

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RE: Re: Difficulty inserting a large object using DBD::Pg
by Dalvross (Acolyte) on Jun 29, 2000 at 18:48 UTC
    Why don't you try this. Make sure the database table is the type you wish to use and then just use
    this should place the value of $value into the database field as long as the database field is of a type to handle that input.
      This does not work because it attempts to resolve the type itself, and defaults to varchar, as it did when I explicitly selected the type. It's another pg_atoi error.