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Re: Is a Perl glossary necessary?

by rozallin (Curate)
on Oct 09, 2002 at 06:37 UTC ( #203841=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Is a Perl glossary necessary?

As a beginner to the Perl language, albeit with experience in other high-level languages, I'd welcome such a resource, and if it's anything like what I'm envisioning, it would be great to use as a quick command reference for everyone.

I've been gleaning my Perl knowledge from the third edition of the Llama, which prevented me from running away screaming and sitting in puzzlement as to where the Perl vectors are. ( thanks merlyn++ ), lurking around USENET and from PerlMonks (although admittedly the obsfucated section scared me away for a couple of months, until I realised that you were trying to be difficult, and Perl didn't have to look like that. :) )

I would really like to see a Perl Glossary with information about all the commands, modules, and general commentary about the community surrounding the language, written by Perl users collectively. The sort of information we'd need (though this depends on what is trying to be explained) would involve:

  • Name
  • Syntax
  • Description of what this does
  • Any attributes this has
  • An example of how and what this could be used for, with explanation
  • Any advice, warnings, tricks, etc.

Of course, it's not supposed to replace all the existing resources we have (and we can leave some of the more subtle jokes of the community undocumented to surprise new initiates), but it would be a good thing to keep around, and I know that I would like to research modules etc. in order to learn more about them (and I'm sure that people who contribute to the glossary might learn new things about their chosen entries from other monks too.)

Any thoughts?

-- rozallin
The Webmistress who doesn't hesitate to use strict;

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