in reply to Mr. Muskrat

This should really be in Perl Monks Discussion but I wanted to see if it could still be done. I copied the url for replying to a node and pasted it into my favorite text editor. It took a couple of seconds to change the parent, lastnode_id and parent_node to point to my homenode. I then clicked the link and what should I see? A reply to my homenode titled RE: Mr. Muskrat.

Should we be able to? Why or why not?

Where will the replies show up? On the persons homenode? Or simply in Newest Nodes? I'll find out here in a minute when I hit submit. Updated: It appears that they only show up in Newest Nodes and Message Inbox if you have the notify on reply option enabled.

If we are allowed to reply to homenodes, where should they show up? A private message to the person perhaps?