My first visit to was 2 days ago. This is a great site but, as a newcommer (and before I become too familiar with the site), I would I to make a couple comments and offer possible remedies.

I posted a simple question and got one complex and one simple response. (Both solved the problem). I then browsed the site and, after many clicks, I found the 'Welcome to the Monastery' under 'Tutorials' that told me all the formatting errors I had make in my posting.

I would like to suggest adding a 'Monastory Tour' link as the first item in the group at the top right, linked to the Welcome stuff. My immediate assumption was that 'Tutorials' was a Perl tutorial link; so I didn't go there.

'Ask a question' is well documented, but how to follow up is not. I got the first answer and wanted to follow up with general interest question about the response. I clicked on 'reply' and sent the question. It never appeared and I did not get a response. What should I have done? Later on I got another response and posted a 'thank you' using the 'comment on.....' link. That appeared. What is the correct proceedure? A brief explanation of how the threads work might help.

I have not yet logged on because I want these comment to reflect the experience of a newcomer. If useful, I have more. If not, I'll stop!

Now... Where do I put this?

'Perl Monks Discussion' doesn't seem right..
'Monastary Gates'?.. No, there's no comment box..
Let's search 'site comments'. Ah! the last one went in 'Perl Monks Disscusion'. I'll put it there.

Anonymous Monk.