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blm++, sauoq++ and Aristotle++ did bring up something I hadn't thought of; more users = more posts. That and the $NORM value should be a good indicator of whether or not XP values are on the rise, as long as I understand $NORM... (the average node rep, correct?).

Also, I didn't mean to imply that PM was only about earning XP, I've learned more Perl here then I ever thought possible and continue to learn everyday, but this is the "Perlmonks Discussion" forum, which I thought related to discussion about, not just Perl.

Another idea that was sort-of started with this node (and should probably be a new node) is, the number of users at level 1. Do we have a problem that a vast majority only log in once, or simply ask one question? I would think as a community we would want as many people as possible to get involved. Have we talked about how to teach new Perl users as well as retain new, experienced users? I don't mean to try and force users to stay here and that each person can certainly do their own thing, but I feel that a community prospers best when you can get as many people as possible to contribute. That and I would hate to lose possible new Perl programmers because they felt they couldn't find information or didn't know how to proceed.
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