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At first, I was obdurately convinced that this is the only "correct" way to think of array naming. The author's rep may have influenced my conviction slightly ;) But on the drive home tonight it suddenly dawned on me that there really is something to what princepawn is saying, something I couldn't see or understand at first. Consider:
a murder of crows
a surfeit of skunks
a bag of potatoes
You wouldn't pluralize 'murder' or 'surfeit' if you were referring to just one collective of crows or skunks. Stated another way and to further explain what I think princepawn means is 'it's the potatoes that gets the plural 's' not the thing holding them.' It's sort of a reverse synecdoche that leads us to pluralize the array name.

Funny how I feel no compulsion to pluralize the array name when I actually use the word 'array' in it:

@myArray = qw(crow skunk soldier); @codeArray = (&get_code(3,500)); my @bigAssArray = qw(donkey mule burro);
That said, I personally cannot shake the readability of using pluralized array names and will most likely continue to do so unless, of course, I'm using some crazy English to C translator that can't distinguish what I mean from what I say ;)