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by marinersk (Priest)
on Nov 06, 2002 at 20:37 UTC ( #210889=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Longtime C and Perl developer; very much an algorithm junkie. Architecture and Design are my first loves, Development and Testing second. Anything else you want to know probably isn't Perl related and can be figured out in a more personal setting.


      Node    Title    Subject      
172086 How (Not) To Ask A Question Excellent advice from jeffa
1177642 Short, Self-Contained, Correct Example Oft-Requested Response Element
510718 I know what I mean. Why don't you? Excellent advice from Grandfather
745674 Basic debugging checklist Basic debugging checklist from toolic
954 Tutorials The Tutorials Section
(External) diagnostics Use of the diagnostics pragma at PerlDocs
542341 XY Problem The XY Problem
102347 Simple Module Tutorial Module Basics
128077 A Guide to Installing Modules The Module Installation Decoder Ring
(External) How to Install CPAN Modules in ActiveState Perl The ActiveState Module Installation Decoder Ring
153046 Professional Employees and Works for Hire Ben Tilly's Collision with WORK FOR HIRE
(External) Modern Perl Modern Perl by chromatic
1159676 Raspberry Pi and Perl Raspberry Pi and Perl
1169852 Raspberry Pi wiringPi API wrapper released Raspberry Pi Wiring API
284436 DBI recipes DBI Recipes
1112071 Re^4: Stop Using Perl (CGI::param) CGI::param() issue


      Node    Title    Subject      
596792 last hour of cb Last Hour of CB
1747 Code Catacombs Well-organized repository of functional code
1124430 Re^3: Semicolon delimited to Comma delimited Why I wrote my own CSV module
858402 Re: perl2exe - no more secrets Why I used Perl2Exe for awhile
1048264 Re: Negative voting (system redesign) Tye's insights on Negative Voting
905061 Re^12: string value assignment A reminder that long explanations do not generally help
1132852 Re^6: Has Perlmonks become intolerant of opinion? The correct way to say good-bye
1094866 CPAN Module Installation (aka Oh, God, Here We Go Again) Strawberry Perl Clue-by-Four
1133052 Re^3: Win32::API in perl v5.20.2 Strawberry Perl Clue-by-Four, Take II
1192107 Re: printing Unicode works for some characters but not all Unicode
1162068 unreaping , reversing reaped, resurrecting a node Unreaping

To Do

      Node    Title    Subject      
1091660 Re^5: I need help with displaying newline or paragraph using perl on my website (pass arguments more subs) sub DebugCGI -- Anonymous Monk reference worth investigating
1133595 Re^4: Subroutines not exporting? Why? BEGIN/use/etc. -- Another Anonymous Monk reference worth investigating
1133857 Merge 2 strings like a zip Learn PM Benchmarking
1189575 Re: DBI Sqlite create table dynamically Using map to encapsulate as well as delimit
1190703 Re: Help me decipher code containing map function More on map
1190692 Using SOAP::Lite with a WSDL SOAP
1191222 Re: TCP Server: Beyond echoing request Learn HTTP from the inside out
1182969 Re: Is there a free IDE for Strawberry Perl, running in Windows, that is interactive? One approach to Perl IDE
1192311 Re: *.exe from pp on Win7 fails ( ) Troubleshooting pp
1192331 read gmail and extract cc field IMAP Mail Handling
1192866 Re: pack and unpack multiple arrays with one common repeat prefix pack/unpack
1193016 Yet another example to get URLs in parallel MCE
1192662 Child process inter communication More IPC

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