One of the things I found confusing when I started here was all those sections linked at the top of each page.

And unfortunately, just going to one of those pages doesn't (usually) offer immediate enlightenment.

There is a description of some sections at 'What section should I put this in?', but that node is not prominently displayed, and it's incomplete anyway, as it doesn't address "informational" sections of the site.

My suggestion is to have a comprehensively descriptive "table of contents" for the sections of the site, and also to have the main page of each section include its own description at the top.

I realize the information will be somewhat redundant, but there's nothing wrong with that. It should be understood that not everyone finds digging down several levels in obscurely named FAQ nodes to learn the purpose of the site's sections to be easy and convenient.


PS. I will, of course, be glad to offer my energies to this task, if there's a site guru with whom I can work on it.


As a follow-up, I note that my request has been satisfied. Each section of the site now has a mini-doc at the top of its main page which explains the purpose/usage of the section. These docs are maintained by the SiteDocClan, so How is the PerlMonks FAQ maintained? applies to them as well.

We're building the house of the future together.