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Did you try setting your 'http_proxy' environment variable to 'http://proxy:port'? That's the standard way for LWP scripts.
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by strider corinth (Friar) on Dec 02, 2002 at 17:27 UTC
    True, but the script needs to be told to use the proxy. For pm_login, add this line between lines 18 and 24:
    $ua->proxy( 'http', $ENV{ HTTP_PROXY } ) if $ENV{ HTTP_PROXY };
    I'm sure similar additions can be made to each script that needs it to add proxy functionality.
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      You're right of course, you do need to tell the UserAgent to use the proxy, but if you use the standard variable names (all lower case) then you simply say:

      You shouldn't need to do this. The module automatically calls $ua->env_proxy;
      You should need merely to   export http_proxy=http://host:port or   setenv http_proxy http://host:port You might want to retrieve the latest version, too. It has some nice new features.

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        Hmm. I will get the latest version. In the pre-first-tarball one I tried, the only way it'd work with the proxy was to add the line I mentioned to the cookie script and at least one other, though I can't remember what it was offhand.

        PS: is there a changelog anywhere?
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