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I don't see keeping @USED in sync a problem. It's a fairly simple thing to do, and if you use a function generator to make your accessors, then you really can't forget.

I'm stupid. If I have to do some monkey coding then at some point I will forget to do it properly. It also offends my sense of once and only once.

I can move attributes around classes a lot during refactoring and, for me, it's asking for trouble. If the perl can do it, it should do it :-)

I like this solution and, as you say, building it into a function generator or similar solves the problem nicely.

Most freezing and thawing is done with a handful of modules, patching those modules to look for a certain method before serializing would let someone inherit from these "inside out" modules in a fairly transparent fashion, regardless of whether the inheriting class used a common "base" module or not.

Ah. I see what you're getting at. Good point.

The other thought would be using a HoHoH as you do, would probably be at least 30% slower than Abigail-IIs method of just using lexical hashes.

I agree completely - but it's not my proposal. You confuse me with fruiture - it's his RFC ;-)