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  Hiya brother heldd, First off, welcome to Perl Monks!

Long Answer:   type "cisco" in the Search box at the upper left, and look through the different programs that turn up.   I can just about guaruntee you'll see one that does what you're asking for.

Medium Answer:   go to my homenode, go to the #code section, and look through the different cisco-ey programs there.   I can just about guaruntee you'll see one the does what you're asking for.

Short Answer:   go to this node "(code) Cisco sho ver" and click the "d/l code" button at the bottom.   You'll need to install the Net::Telnet::Cisco module, and I *think* you'll already have Term::ReadKey and Getopt::Long as part of the standard Perl distrubtion since 5.6 maybe.   I wrote that ditty almost two years ago, so looks kludgey to me now, but should work for you.   If you feel ambitious you could extract SNMP chunks from "(code) Poor Man's TACACS - automate CatOS and IOS password resets with Net::Telnet::Cisco and Net::SNMP" and have a more cleanly coded tool.

Let me know if I can be of any further/other help.   8^)
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Re: Re: Cisco Router Query Script (existing tested scripts)
by heldd (Initiate) on Jan 03, 2003 at 15:31 UTC
    ybiC, I have been playing with your scripts… and I have to say that they are quite impressive. I have the report working that I wanted and now I am faced with another dilemma. Getting a list of all of the ip addresses of the Cisco devices in my network!! I tried the cdp neighbor script and it works great up until it meets our Cisco IGX’s in our network. We have a layer 2 change at these devices from ATM to Frame and CDP will not cross it. Is there another way I can get a list of my Cisco devices? I thought about somehow pulling the eigrp neighbor list and using it for the seeds for the CDP script. Do you have any Ideas on how to modify the CDP script to do eigrp neighbor? I have around 3000 routers and switches and 164 people that can add devices to the network. In other words… things change every day. Thanks, Heldd