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RE: RE: RE: (jcwren) RE: Replies and previews.

by Abigail (Deacon)
on Jul 16, 2000 at 08:49 UTC ( #22754=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: RE: (jcwren) RE: Replies and previews.
in thread Replies and previews.

The chatterbox (and all those other boxes) take up too much real estate. And they often need to be scrolled to anyways, so I've turned most boxes off.

As for sending private messages, that's why Ray Tomlinson gave us email. ;-). Repeatedly hitting reload to see if someone wants to point out an error seems a step back to me....

-- Abigail

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RE: RE: RE: RE: (jcwren) RE: Replies and previews.
by Aighearach (Initiate) on Jul 16, 2000 at 10:00 UTC
    Abigail, I've seen your code samples here, and elsewhere. If I recall, it was you who introduced me to, which became My Favorite Module.

    I know you know Perl.

    It would take you, what, maybe 10 minutes to write a program to grab your private messages via XML, and email them to you? Personally, I prefer to get my PerlMonks messages when I come to PerlMonks. But, customization is what the XML is there for.

    Somewhere around this place there is a link to a module for grabbing the XML, which would probably reduce the coding time.

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RE: (5) Replies and previews (Ozymandias: The wonders of free choice)
by Ozymandias (Hermit) on Jul 16, 2000 at 09:32 UTC
    OK, so let me see if I've got this right...

    You want a way to see replies to your messages. You had a good idea on listing the number of replies on the Newest Nodes page, but... well, really, why? Just go to the node. Or look on the section home page. There you go, number of replies.

    Not only that, but the chatterbox provides a means of alerting you to replies to your own nodes. Those are the most important replies; other monks correcting your mistakes, offering assistance, suggestions, or asking for clarifications.

    You don't want to use that, either.

    I'll agree those boxes use lots of space. I turn off those I don't need, and now my screen is much nicer. The Chatterbox, because it's one of the main cores of the site. The Other Users box, because it's nice to know who else is here. The personal nodelet box, because I use it for bookmarks. I see no need for these changes you're demanding.

    Who am I to say you're wrong? Someone who's been here longer. I like the system the way it is. Why? Because it works, for those willing to work within it. Because I'd rather have vroom working on things we all want - root-node editing capability, the new server, better reliability and performance. Even the PerlMonks T-shirts.

    You have a really good knowledge of Perl. That's great. But here, in the Monastery, you don't know how the site works. And instead of learning how the current system works, you would rather we change it to meet your whims. You complained about your inability to edit replies... when the site docs explain how to do so. Oh, I forgot - you turned off that box.

    Hundreds of Monks love this place AS IT IS. We like the Chatterbox. We like the comeraderie. We like making fun of mt2k. We like our dozens of boxes that we can view or not as we choose. We like the way replies are edited, we like the bad puns like "stumbit" and "SHITServer Error". We like Our Fearless Leader and his DeBugger Of Choice (pictured). If you don't, well, that's why browsers have a "Back" button.

    - Ozymandias

      Let me see. There's a section devoted to discussing this site. I put up a note suggesting a small change to an already existing page, and that's "demands" and "wimps".

      Oh well. Bye.

      -- Abigail

        In Memoriam Abigail

        So. Farewell then

        Of the eternal

        Your code was

        But so was your

        E.J. Monk (5)

        After Private Eye

        I think Abigail that you are over-reacting. Ozymandias was not writing a flame, but trying to point out (as gracefully as he could) that you ought to read the site documentation before registering complaints. No one has said that you shouldn't make suggestions for site improvement, but you should at least wait until you know what the site already has to offer.


        I know that Abigail has already left, but I think it is a great loss to the Perl Monks that such an experienced Perl programmer has departed. If anyone has Abigail's e-mail address I think we should send a letter inviting Abigail to return.

        Abigail, in the case that you decide to return, I just wanted to say a couple things. First, I really liked both of your suggestions, especially the second one (which is one I was planning on commenting on eventually as well). Ozymandias post did seem quite brutal to me also, and I don't appreciate some of the comments and judgements they made, nor do I wish for you to think that the thinking represents every monk here. No one monk does.

        I have only been here for a little longer than you have. So far the experience here has been great, its a neat envioronment. I noticed your posts right away, and since then any time I see a node with "--Abigail" at the end I always make sure to go back and read it again to make sure I realized all the complexities. I wouldn't have even posted to Obfuscation at all if it hadn't been for seeing some of your posts and being inspired.

        So... I just wanted to share. I morn your departure... and hope to celebrate your return.

      It's sad to see the Monastery divided, but the real tragedy is having a contributing Monk quit the Monastery.

      I agree with many of Ozymandias's points. But dressing down a fellow Monk for suggesting and defending ideas hardly fosters the comraderie and PM environment we all enjoy. That same comeraderie is a result of many smart people who often disagree, but who do so respectfully.

      I may have missed related Chatterbox discussion, but in reviewing the entire thread, I find nothing demanding, insulting, or abusive in Abigail's posts. Persistant, yes, but most folks are when defending their ideas. If her ideas truly are without merit, there's little danger of vroom implementing them - he wants what's best for the Monastery.
          not so cheery,

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