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LDAP Server TLS tester

by beernuts (Pilgrim)
on Jan 17, 2003 at 19:05 UTC ( #227766=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Miscellaneous
Author/Contact Info beernuts (
Description: This is a chunk of code ( that can be used to test LDAP servers for their ability to do TLS. It's culled from a bigger script I use to test an in-house LDAP proxy for proper installation of the script (it's in perl too) as well as the required modules.


' -q' for details

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Getopt::Long;
use Net::LDAP;

my ($host,$user,$port,$pass,$debug);

my $result = GetOptions('h=s'=>\$host, 

# Set some options if necessary and carp
# if no user/pass was supplied
unless($user && $pass){ &usage; }
unless($host){ $host = ''; }
unless($port){ $port = '389'; }
unless($debug){ $debug = 0; }

print "\n\nTesting TLS...\n\n";

sub testtls {

   if($debug ne 0){
      print "h: [$host]\n
             p: [$port]\n
             u: [$user]\n
             w: [$pass]\n
             d: [$debug]\n

   # Make an LDAP Object
   my $ldap=new Net::LDAP($host,
                          ) || die "ldap failed";
   if ($debug ne 0){ print "New Net::LDAP object created successfully\
+n"; }

   # Start TLS
   my $mesg=$ldap->start_tls(verify=>'none',
                             ) || die "start tls failed: $!\n";
   my $code= $mesg->code;
   print "TLS Status: ",$mesg->error,"\n";
   unless($mesg->code == 0){ print "CODE: ",$mesg->code,"\n"; die; }

   # Bind with dn and password
   $mesg = $ldap->bind(dn=>$user,
                      ) || die "bind failed: $!\n";
   $code = $mesg->code;
   print "Bind Status: ",$mesg->error,"\n\n";

sub usage{
   print "\n\n";
   print " -h [host] -p [port] -u [DN] -w [passwd] -d [debu
   print "\n\n";
   print "[host] is the fully qualified domain name or ip address of t
+he ldap server\n";
   print "   ldapserver\.domain\.tld  ||\n";
   print "\n";
   print "[port] is the port over which communication takes places (us
+ually 389)\n";
   print "\n";
   print "[DN] is the distinguished name of a valid user in LDAP:\n";
   print "   \"cn=Alan Smithee,dc=orgunit,dc=com\"\n";
   print "\n";
   print "[password] is the LDAP password associated with the valid us
+er's dn\n";
   print "   \'133tpasswd!\'\n";
   print "\n";
   print "[debug] is set for debugging information (default is 0 - suc
+cess/fail info only)\n";
   print "\n\n";

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Re: LDAP Server TLS tester
by Arien (Pilgrim) on Jan 18, 2003 at 08:03 UTC

    I haven't had the opportunity to use Net::LDAP yet, so I will comment on the rest of the code.

    Instead of printing line by line, why not use a here-doc for your usage message? Or use Pod::Usage and document your script in POD.

    The following might make your defaults stand out more:

    my ($user, $pass); my $host = ''; my $port = 389; my $debug = 0; GetOptions( 'h=s' => \$host, 'p=s' => \$port, 'u=s' => \$user, 'w=s' => \$pass, 'd+' => \$debug, 'q' => \&usage );

    Often, things like if ($debug ne 0) { ... } are better written as if ($debug) { ... }.

    I would write debug and status messages to STDERR instead of STDOUT and include $0 (or similar) in error messages.

    Hope this helps.

    — Arien

      Very useful tips, Arien. Thanks! ++!

      I've not used Pod::Usage before, so I'll have to give it a look-see.

      Thanks also for the debug tip. My original code had debug set as 'd=i' (hence the test). As a 'd+' it's definitely slicker with a simple if ($debug).


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