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by dru145 (Friar)
on Jul 17, 2000 at 17:02 UTC ( [id://22848]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The Photo

My 2 year old son. Super Perl Monk in the making.

The Name

Dru is my nickname. The 145 were the first 3 numbers that popped into my head when picking a yahoo username.

New Year's Rsolution

Read all of perlman:perl, read and comprehend all of The Camel.


I work full time as a Senior Network Security Analyst playing with firewalls, intrusion detection systems and what not. I learned Perl to automate all of the daily mundane jobs I was having to perform manually. Most of my s‎crip‎ts deal with firewall logging and checking system resources. I've been programming with Perl hardcore for 6 months now and I've developed a strange fetish for it. I feel I've only learned about 20% of what Perl has to offer. I am also a part time student trying to obtain a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Science. I have a 2 year old son who makes me go to the Teletubbies and Mr. Roger's web page every 5 minutes. I just got an idea for another Perl s‎crip‎t, got to go....

Favorite Band: Tool
Favorite TV Show: Junkyard Wars
Hobbies: Woodworking and Automotive Repair.
Favorite Book:  Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Random Quotes

Life is a lesson. You learn it when you're through - Fred Durst

When there is a will, there is Perl - me

Nodes That I like:

  1. Newest Nodes - More stuff to waste your day on.
  2. Perl Monks Stat Page - For all of you stat majors.
  3. Best Nodes - It's your time to shine.
  4. Worst Nodes - For me to poop on.
  5. Book Reviews- Check it out before spending a whopping $20 on another O'Reilly Book.
  6. Super Search- Use this before posting a question.Even though you have to wack it a few times to get it to do what you want. (Blam!) Take that Super Search.
  7. turnstep - A must for all newbies. I wouldn't be the monk I am today without this node.
  8. Library - Some good stuff.
  9. outside links - Links for anything remotely related to Perl.
  10. tilly - List of good nodes.

Other Usefull Stuff
  • Search Perlmonks - a better way to search Perlmonks.
  • Reference Tutorial by Dominus
  • Andrew Johnson's Online Forum (aka danger) for his excellent book Elements of Programming with Perl
  • Ovid's CGI course

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