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Greetings all;
I have a new project that I'm going to attempt to have a go at - I don't know about success, but then, it wouldn't be as fun would it?

At any rate, I've got a line on a Total Impact 'Total mPower 2' processor card. The long and skinny is that its a PCI based card with four 233mHz 604e PPC processors on it, sharing 128M of local SDRAM.
The system works by having you compile ELF binaries for the PPC processors, and using kernel modules to upload these binaries to the processors, which then execute them accordingly. No OS to get in the way, so to speak.
What I would _like_ to do is run a threaded perl application across the processors, which may or may not even be possible without an OS. I was thinking along the lines of perlcc'ing my source to C, and then using a cross-compiling gcc to generate the ELF binaries for the processors.

This is likely much more complex than I'm making it out to be. I'm sure I can make this application run on a single processor, but making it run on multiple processors while sharing the same data structures in local memory may not be be something achievable in perl.
The Total Impact website has more about the TPMP cards (Although the site is right now offline. Go figure.)
Anything anyone can throw into the void would be helpful, I'd also be interested in any involvement with these cards, perl related or otherwise, to get an idea how people have dealt with them in the past.

My thanks to all,
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