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Re: how to accept password using Tk

by Nitrox (Chaplain)
on Feb 08, 2003 at 20:32 UTC ( #233766=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to how to accept password using Tk

Use Tk::Entry instead:
$MainWindow->Entry( -show=>'*', -relief=>'ridge', -textvariable=>\$password )->pack;


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Re: Re: how to accept password using Tk
by pg (Canon) on Feb 08, 2003 at 20:55 UTC
    Great, both of you are great, Now I am doing something like this:
    use strict; use Tk; use Tk::DialogBox; my $mw = new MainWindow(); my $dialog = $mw->DialogBox(-title => "Login", -buttons => ["OK", "Cancel"]); my $id = $dialog->add("Entry") ->pack(); my $passwd; my $password = $dialog->add("Entry", -show => "*", -textvariable => \$passwd) ->pack(); if ($dialog->Show() eq "OK") { print $passwd, "\n";#this line is only for demo } MainLoop;
    I always use Text(height => 1) for one-line entries, and now I realize that for lots of those places, actually I should use Entry instead. Thanks again, have a great day.

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