Perl Monks has a feature not found on Everything2 or Slashdot, namely the ability to refer to individual posts within a threaded discussion. Because this feature is new, some of the mechanics and best practices have yet to be determined.

One difficulty arising from this feature is a namespace collision. This is most evident when dealing with two replies to the same parent writeup, but it could occur with identically named top-level postings as well. How do you refer to a writeup by name when that name occurs multiple times in the database?

I see five possible solutions. Three are behavioral and two are technical.

After considering this, I consider the first to be the simplest and most effective. Though I have been prepending my username to my replies, I don't think it solves the underlying problem. If an XML interface to the Everything Engine becomes practical in the next year or two, hopefully the discussion will move from 'ease of displaying information within HTML limitations' to 'properly marking up data for user-determined display in XML clients', and we can be more efficient with both server resources and our own time.

Are there other solutions? Are there benefits and drawbacks I've overlooked? What do you prefer?