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Too basic a question?

by crenz (Priest)
on Mar 04, 2003 at 11:59 UTC ( #240303=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Simplifying code (Not obfuscation)

Others have already commented on your code. I want to comment on your final "wibble".

I think on PerlMonks, there is no such thing as a question that is too basic. People here are generally very eager to help even absolute newbies. What will displease senior monks and junior monks alike is questions that make clear that the author didn't care to do any research on their own, or does not want to learn, but just wants his or her current problem solved.

However, your post shows that you have put some thought into your question before stating it, even if it is basic, and that you are eager to learn. So don't be fearful to ask more basic questions, you are welcome!

Another aspect of "basic" questions is that a lot of them are not basic at all. They might touch on a hidden aspect of perl that many people are not aware of, and thus be much more edifying than you imagine.

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Re: Too basic a question?
by 2mths (Beadle) on Mar 04, 2003 at 12:29 UTC
    Your post hits many a chord with my newfound current thinking. The response to this post has been phenomenal (IMHO) and massively more beneficial than I ever invisaged.

    It seems that by going 'back to basics' my preconceptions and assumptions don't come into play and therefore I get much better responses. Ie, I ask a better question and benefit greatly from doing so.

    I have to say that generally I'm not in favour of people asking basic questions (Before anyone comments I recognise that I'm highly intolerant and a hypocrite) if I think they could have got the answer by doing a little reading or thinking themselves. That said I think you have made good comments on the 'basic and genuine' vs 'basic and lazy'. And have caused me to reform my views.

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