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I'm using the HTML::Template in my project. The examples given in the tutorials are pretty simple - one or two tables. However, if you take a normal website, it contains 2-3 menus, a few link boxes, page content, header, footer and other things. So, there is a need to break the homepage into small templates. Here we go: I have ~ 30-50 templates in my project. I'd liked to hear from othe perl monks how they deal with such situation, because I believe most of the websites are pretty complicated.

I use HTML::Template together with DBIx::Recordset at my work. As I have already noted I have ~ 30-50 templates for different entry forms and website components such like button groups. I use template includes and loops, trying to make them as abstract as possible.

I'd liked to hear if anyone is writing such modules like that loads its entries from the database and knows how to display its items using the templates. There are many components which I needed for my website and had to write myself. I believe there must be frameworks like that around, but I don't know any.