I've got a few things I'd like to know (and a suggestion).

So, in the order that I think of them...

Is there any way to insert a literal [ in the chatterbox?

Is there a way to link to a node that takes parameters (IE a search) from the personal nodelet (You can link elsewhere by insereting a <a href="..."></a>, but that's hackish and won't work from the personal nodelet, which (I don't think) lets you put in arbitrary HTML.)

Wouldn't meta-monkage (or some derivitive thereof, with some metaness) be a name more in-keeping with the theme of the monistary for this section?

James Mastros,
JARM (Just Another Random Monk)

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(zdog) RE: Two links, and a name.
by zdog (Priest) on Jul 30, 2000 at 22:11 UTC
    At least for me, putting a literal [ in the chatterbox works, but the problem that you are trying to present is when you close the [ with a ]. That was just a little imprecision on your part, but you do present a good point.

    Update: I just figured out that you can always make your brackets links by doing [[]something[]] which would appear like this: [somthing[]]. However, there should still be a better way of doing it.

    Update #2: Doing: [[]Your stuff here] also works, even with multiple sets of brackets like [some] thing [here] , which would be typed in as: [[]some] thing [[]here] .

    Zenon Zabinski | zdog |