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For completely unrelated reasons, I ended up at the IEEE Computer Society ( and came upon their relatively recently released certification program for their Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) Program.

In the spirit of the thread I thought I'd link it in. I'm certainly not trying to evangelize for a Perl certification program that gets a little respect, but it is interesting to read their approach to such a broad certification. Nor would I be willing to speculate on the proficiency of their successfully certified folks.

After more than three years of extensive research in the field among professionals, employers and their customers, the leaders of the IEEE Computer Society realized that the time had come to develop and offer the Certified Software Development Professional designation Professional certification has three critical components:

  • Exam-based testing demonstrating mastery of a Body of Knowledge (BOK);
  • Extensive experience base in the performance of the work or profession being certified; and
  • Continuing professional education, measured and relevant to the BOK.

The IEEE Computer Society certification is the only software development professional certification that has all of these critical support components and carries the mark of the IEEE Computer Society, which has been active in developing software engineering standards for more than 20 years. Collectively, the IEEE standards make up the practice standards for software engineers. This certification program is part of the society's larger effort to provide education and certification services to the software engineering community.

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I have no personal reason to hold the IEEE in high regard, just thought it was somehow karmic that it showed up on my laptop today. :)

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