Hello! I often use some kind of expressions:
... or more longer. How I can easily and painfully detect if any of that are missing keys? I have this solution:
(($self->{db} || {})->{offer}||{})->{name}
..., but this is quite dirty. It is more complicated if I use tied and blessed references, because the empty hash ref. is not enough, because I often use methods on that: (See the TableMap module)
$self->{db}->{users}->{ $user_id_1 }->limits->{ $user_id_2 };
Is there a good and clean way to do this? I know that
eval{ $self->{$db}->{users}->{$user_id_1}->limits->{$user_id_2}; };
could be a good solution for trapping undefs in the middle of the hash-refs, but to tell the truth, I am waiting for a solution, that is more elegant. Idea?