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Re^3: The Polls (suck?)

by tye (Sage)
on May 23, 2003 at 18:48 UTC ( #260443=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: The Polls
in thread The Polls

People are (thankfully) usually reluctant to just say "that sucks". So you can now downvote polls (or upvote, of course). This will provide feedback that should make the polls more likely to be of the type most appreciated by the voting monk population.

I have qualms about the XP implications. I don't want this to be considered a form of XP whoring for gods. I also don't want the fact that I choose (I think wisely) to not surf day-to-day as "root" (tye ) to be an issue (since voting on polls created by me as tye  won't affect tye's XP).

I could, after creating a poll, assign it to tye (gods can do that kind of thing). I'd rather not have the extra work and I could see doing that being taken different ways. I could also arrange for XP to not be given for authors of polls, but I could see that being taken different ways. I could even cause upvotes to not give XP to poll authors but downvotes to have the usual odds of taking XP from poll authors.

But I suspect that most polls will get more upvotes than downvotes (just like most nodes) and so I'm hoping I can get away with doing no more work. If gods take the time to create a good poll, they'll likely get an XP reward. I'll skip (or redirect) that XP reward because I'm both lazy and paranoid. The occasional hated poll will likely be infrequent and mild enough that the XP loss will not be an issue (and the net XP change I avoid/redirect will likely still be an XP gain so avoiding the XP loss shouldn't be an issue either).

But if someone feels strongly about any of these issues, please speak up.

Update: And if someone submits a very good poll suggestion, then I'll ask their permission to make the poll owned by them so they get the XP reward.

                - tye

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