I think we should have a node in either the tutorials or library nodes with a suggested reading list.

I know that our library has most of the good docs, but not many beginners know that they should read them. If we post a "Suggested Reading List", we will be able to give someone a reference point from which to ask follow-up questions.

It gets frustrating to say "RTFM" when the "FM" has all of the right answers, but no newbies know to go there.

Any other thoughts? I know that any aspiring perl person should know to read these, but sometimes, someone has to be told.

We could also consider challenges to new monks. If a new monk has read the suggested reading, and they can answer a few short questions about the reading and perl in general, we can allow them to go to 3rd level or something. Just a random thought. . .

J. J. Horner
Linux, Perl, Apache, Stronghold, Unix