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You hit the nail on the head, for the most part. ++ to you.

I do believe that all should do their best and contribute. It is a sad fact of life that not all people are going to fit in everywhere. It is a sad fact of life that not everyone is going to succeed. I am all for success. If I behave negatively toward the success of others, then I do not deserve my own success.

However, some of the monks here, including myself, are not really willing to let someone skate by abusing the system. I have heard mt2k repeatedly claim that he did nothing wrong by making the system work for him. He admitted that he abused the system to gain rank, and therefore privileges.

I also believe that everyone should contribute. In some small way, everyone should do their part, pull their own weight. If some of us are able to answer coding questions, we answer them. If some of us are able to put effort into making the site more enjoyable, we do it. Everyone works and everyone gains. We should have no members who won't contribute. mt2k contributed a lot to the site, and that is why I don't think he should leave. Unfortunately, he also took a lot from the site. He was disrespectful of others, he aggravated many people, even so much so that he joked on his home node about how annoying he was. I asked him to moderate his behavior for the good of the community.

Now, I have never knowingly been disrespectful to lower XP monks. I had a low XP at one point and I worked at it. I welcome all who wish to study at our monastery. Lower XP is a fact of life. That is the only part of your response that isn't quite on target.

You may be content with people who gain rank without showing Perl aptitude or general aptitude. For the most part, it doesn't bother me. It apparently bothers some, otherwise the new experience system would have never been devised.

There will always be people who contribute and people who don't. In projects, at work, on teams, in sports, etc, there will be people who rely on the work of others to get by. mt2k was not really one of these people. He did make this site more unique and more interesting, when he was behaving. He did ask questions and get information into the public record, and I think that is the best way someone can contribute when just starting here. I do feel, however, that higher levels of monks need to contribute more than just questions to the site. After "monk" a member of the community needs to contribute more evolved content. You wouldn't give a doctorate to someone who kept asking easily answerable questions, would you?

The thing that bothered me the most about mt2k is that his average Rep per node was very low, probably negative. Think about that for just a second. . . By all accounts, he should have been losing XP, not gaining. You said it yourself: he was viewed as the jester of the monastery. Should a friar be a jester?

Thank you for your thoughtful response.

J. J. Horner
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