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The stupid question is the question not asked


by Asim (Hermit)
on Feb 02, 2000 at 18:37 UTC ( [id://2728]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Q and A with the guy known to some as "Asim":

Who _are_ you, and what are you doing on PerlMonks, anyway?
Um, that's two questions...but we'll let it slide. This time.
I'm Woodrow Jarvis Hill, struggling programmer, boring person, troublemaker, and tediously overly-hobbied "shadow of someone else's dream". I'm on Perlmonks for the cookies, of course. :)
What's the deal with the nick, "Asim"? Are you, indeed, Islamic? Black Muslim?
Nope, neither. The nick is my dance name -- I'm likely the only Belly Dancing Perl Programmer in the world!<super>1</super> It's also my SCA name, as I'm a long-standing member of the Society of Creative Anachronism -- yes, those wackos in the park, hitting each other with sticks while wearing funny clothing. Although I'm not so much into the hitting part.
So what about coding? What do you do there?
Right now, I code internally for a major financial institution. I do both front-and-backend design work, from cradle to grave. Sometimes it's a short one-off s‎crip‎t, sometimes a major tracking or data-collection system. It's a fun job, with a lot of variety.
Best of all, they tend to take a "whatever works for you" approach; you get to implement in whatever language and toolsets will do the job, so long as you can support it. So I naturally do a lot of work in Perl, although I can, and have, also worked in the ASP.NET environment with both C# and ASP.NET, Java, and even Groovy.

(More to come....)

<super>1</super> WRONG She even lives fairly near me, and we have dance friends in common, although (to my knowledge) we've never met...

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