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by jeffa (Bishop)
on Jul 16, 2003 at 21:56 UTC ( #275049=modulereview: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Item Description: Keeping current the Acme Way

Review Synopsis:

jeffa steps up to the podium

[feedback] testing ... is this thing on? ahem. Manipulating dates in Perl is a common task, and it's no wonder that there are a plethora of date modules in the Date namespace. As you can see in the following Power Point slide [show slide that makes the Bioperl Class Diagram look easy], determining which Date module to use is quite a chore. All of that just to find a date. Enter Acme::Current.

Acme::Current seeks to [feedback] (can that be fixed?) ... anyhoo, it seeks to eliminate the complexity associated with determining the current date. I installed the module on my box yesterday, let's test it out:
use Acme::Current; printf "It's now %04d/%02d/%02d.\n", $Acme::Current::YEAR, $Acme::Current::MONTH, $Acme::Current::DAY ;
And when run, this yields:
It's now 2003/07/15.
Uh oh. Today is the 16th (is today the 16th?). Yes it appears to be the 16th. [shuffles notes] Ummmm. help. [shuffles notes ... feedback]. Aha! I forgot to update the module today! [installs module again].

There, let's run that code again:

use Acme::Current; printf "It's now %04d/%02d/%02d.\n", $Acme::Current::YEAR, $Acme::Current::MONTH, $Acme::Current::DAY ;
and we get the current date:
It's now 2003/07/16.
In conclusion, as long as you keep Acme::Current up to date (a scheduled cron job should do the trick), Acme::Current will keep you up to date with the current date ... as long as you don't mind that date being GMT, or course. Thank you.


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Re: Acme::Current
by educated_foo (Vicar) on Jul 19, 2003 at 17:12 UTC
    Maybe this defeats the module's purpose, but the plug for Stonehenge consulting should be removed from the docs. CPAN is not a billboard, and posting an advertisement/module that shows up as "new" every day is just offensive.


      On the other hand, it's more a recommendation against using Stonehenge given the rubbishness of Acme::Current.

        I don't know about your experiences, but Acme::Current works as designed and as advertised. It might not be the best choice of module, but considering an Acme module as "best choice" seems weird anyway.

        In my eyes, it reflects badly on the sense of humour and sense of timing - a joke that was funny once, when you did not know it, is not necessarily funny again, when you get it told the twentieth time, just in case there was anybody present that didn't know it yet. But sense of humour and sense of timing aren't what I'd consider paramount when deciding on a consulting service. Except maybe I would decree a no-joke policy for the consultants.

        perl -MHTTP::Daemon -MHTTP::Response -MLWP::Simple -e ' ; # The $d = new HTTP::Daemon and fork and getprint $d->url and exit;#spider ($c = $d->accept())->get_request(); $c->send_response( new #in the HTTP::Response(200,$_,$_,qq(Just another Perl hacker\n))); ' # web
Re: Acme::Current
by tsee (Curate) on Aug 30, 2003 at 10:06 UTC
    Sorry, but in conclusion *I* think this module is a bad joke and a waste of Andreas' PAUSE and Jarkko's CPAN resources. Not counting all the mirrors. I'm not claiming one can't pull a joke with an Acme:: module. I've done that myself. But then again, I didn't reupload the module daily.
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