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by fergal (Chaplain)
on Jul 27, 2003 at 14:47 UTC ( [id://278227]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Writing Perl since 1996 mainly in ISPs.

Check for my modules. I think Test::Deep is the only one that people use. I wish people would use Test::NoWarnings a bit more!

I have big plans for Test::Deep...

I've also contributed to Petal, although it's changed quite a bit since then. As far as I'm concerned TAL (upon which Petal is based) is the number one kick ass web templating system. It's genius (I like to kid myself into thinking that it's the logical progression from my own home grown one and I would have got there eventually!) A system built around TAL will have templates that are entirely valid HTML and which look like the finished product will look. It will also have Perl code that doesn't include any HTML in it at all. What more could you want.

My homepage is I don't update it very much. Highlights are my emails home and photos from when I was travelling in Asia. I met some great people and some very "interesting" people (as in "oh my god, they'll have to identify me by my dental records" type of interesting).

I'm no longer writing Perl for a living, the language I use at work is Object Pascal which has some pleasant features and some truly annoying ones. It's quite verbose (I think the compiler's motto is "if it was worth telling me once, it's worth telling me again"). It has however made me think a lot about static typing and given me some good ideas.

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