Item Description: Upload one or more files to CPAN, using PAUSE

Review Synopsis: A must have for every module author

This is not a module, it's a script.

After going through most of my modules on CPAN to make sure that they will work on the soon to be Perl 5.8.1, I again realized that the low profile, but very handy cpan-upload utility script is a must-have for a module author.

What does it do? Well, not a lot, but it does it quickly and quietly. It uploads your files to CPAN as simple as:

    cpan-upload Your-Module-1.07.tar.gz
You get your confirmation mails just the way as you would normally if you would upload files to CPAN "manually".

What do you need to do? Well, download it, then:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
then, in you home directory, create a file named ".pause" that you can only read and write to (-rw------), and put your configuration information in there. This is usually very simple, such as:
password xyuolskhj
mailto your@address.tld
and voila, you're set!

Neil Bowers has made a very nice utility script that is well documented. Kudo's to Neil!