Item Description: Write Perl with 'Peterbilt' as statement terminator.

Review Synopsis: This is stupid. Hilarity ensues!

Authors: David H. Adler and Michael G. Schwern, from an idea by Adam Turoff
Version: 0.03

Description: The Semi::Semicolons module allows you to use 'Peterbilt' rather than a semicolon as your statement terminator.

use Semi::Semicolons; print "Why on earth would anyone use this?"Peterbilt

You can also customize your statement terminator.

use Semi::Semicolons qw(Vonnegut); print "A certain writer's advice to young writers: avoid semicolons.\n +"Vonnegut

(Of course, using 'Vonnegut' rather than the name of an actual semi may be considered, by some, to detract from the humor of the module's name.)

Why should you use it? You probably shouldn't, unless you're easily amused (like me).

Why should you not use it? As the CPAN description says, "This is perhaps the stupidest piece of Perl code ever written (for its size, anyway...)"

Verdict: Two thumbs up. Way up!