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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another episode of guess what am I doing wrong, our daily quiz where the candidates can't be arsed to give any clue about their problem, yet expect to be helped by our panel anyway.

Candidate number one, what is your name?


LeeC79, what is your problem?

it really isn't working

LeeC79, can you give us any more hints?

I'm assuming that it's because this module has to be installed some other way.

LeeC79, that's a really helpful hint! It's going to be a piece of cake for our panel of Perl wizards.

Panel, what's your answer? Yes, Master of Regular Expressions, what's your opinion?

Master of Regular Expressions: Let's see. Yes, I know, I know. LeeC79 hasn't plugged in his computer!

LeeC79, did you plug in your computer?

Uhm, yes, I did.

Our candidate did plug in his computer! The score is now 1-0 for our candidate. Other opinions?

Pack Wizard: Could it be that LeeC79 is sitting too far from his desk, and that he can't reach the keyboard?


No, I can reach the keyboard just fine.

Pack Wizard: It was worth a try...

Sure, but the score is now 2-0 for our candidate.

XS Specialist: It's clear as water to me. The candidate is trying to install the module and get it working with Python!

LeeC79, did you try installing with Python?

No snakes can be found on my computer.

Any of the other mighty wizards have a clue?

The Benchmark King: Perhaps the library was installed correctly, but the candidate expected it to do something else.

No, it isn't working!

The Benchmark King: How do you know?

It just doesn't work!

The Benchmark King: ...?

Perl wizards, you are out of time. Once again you failed to help a candidate with a very desperate problem.

Tune in tomorrow, to the next episode of guess what am I doing wrong. Same time, same channnel.