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RE: Javascript and other evil goodies

by mikfire (Deacon)
on Aug 22, 2000 at 21:49 UTC ( #29067=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Javascript and other evil goodies

I agree with the learned brethren's comments, but I am uncertain it will work. I use href tags ( referring to other nodes on the site, referring to places not on the site, etc ) a lot. Once we allow href tags, do we really have any security? Can you write a parser that can tell the difference between me referring to myself ( like my sig ), using a mailto: tag ( several people like the "send email to x" sig ) and logging people out?


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RE: RE: Javascript and other evil goodies
by turnstep (Parson) on Aug 23, 2000 at 14:43 UTC

    This is perlmonks! If anyone can write a good perl script and/or a really interesting/efficient/accurate regular expression, we can! A parser to tel the difference between and others, and only allow selective. No problem! :)

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